Here are some handy income tax sites that keep me going on those long, rainy Mondays:


The Income Tax Act
Canada Revenue Agency
Department of Finance Canada

Prescribed Interest Rates
Average Exchange Rates
Canada Business Corporations Act

Federal Budget 2014
2015 Federal budget summary
  / 2015 Résumé du budget fédéral
2016 Federal budget summary
/ 2016 Résumé du budget fédéral
2017 Federal budget summary/ 2017 Résumé du budget fédéral
2018 Federal Budget Summary / 2018 Résumé du budget fédéral


Revenu Quebec
Quebec Minister of Finance

The Civil Code of Quebec

Penalties and Interest Rates – Quebec
Quebec Business Corporations Act

2014-2015 Québec budget summary/Résumé du budget du Québec 2014-2015
2015-2016 Quebec Budget Summary/
2015-2016-Résumé du budget du Québec
2016-2017 Québec Budget Summary/2016-2017-Résumé du budget du Québec
2017-2018 Québec Budget Summary
/2017-2018-Résumé du budget du Québec
2018-2019 Québec Budget Summary/2018-2019 Résumé du budget du Québec


Ontario Ministry of Finance


Internal Revenue Service

Tax Blogs

Simpson Wigle Law LLP Tax News
Bobby’s Blog(Bobby Kleinman)
Canadian Tax Resource
My CA Site (An excellent resource for CA students)

IRS Problem Solver
Substance Matters

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