Everyone’s got tax issues. I’d like to help with yours. If you’ve got a tax question, send it to me in the contact box below, with the heading: “My Tax Issue”. Please keep it short, keep it free of personal details, and make it interesting!!

I will publish your questions on a regular basis. Sorry, but the volume of questions I get make it impossible to answer you individually. I will try to answer as many as I can, so check back regularly!

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7 thoughts on “WHAT’S YOUR TAX ISSUE?

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  2. Because of overwhelming debt and tax issues I am forced to sell my house….do I pay taxes …capital gains etc…even though I am selling for less then I bought it for? The sale price is only enough to clear debt, hopefully not incur more to the cra.

  3. My Tax Issue

    Hi David,

    My wife won a couple of hundred dollars at a US casino last year and was mailed a 1042-S form. She is Canadian and lives in Canada. From her winnings, the casino withheld 30%. Is it mandatory to file a NRA Income Tax Return? If so, does she need to apply for an IRS Individual Taxpayer Identification Number?

    It seems to be a big hassle for a couple of hundred dollars.

    Thanks for your help,

  4. Hi David,

    Cool (and informative) website! I have a Q: My late husband was a CA and he always said we should not claim some of our home office expenses as it would create some sort of problem when we later sold the house. He died a decade ago and I am the furthest thing from a CA that there is. Last year, my job changed and I now work at home full-time. My employer issued a T2200 for me to claim office supplies and other expenses. If I claim part of my heat, power and desk chair, will that trigger any problems in two years to come when I sell my house? I’d appreciate your opinion. (Resident of Ontario, in case it makes a difference)

    Sarah Ann

  5. One question…why is the closer connection exception form for canadians not issued with passport forms as that is why most people apply for a passport…to vacation in the U.S or other countries…..

  6. My Tax Issue
    In 2011 I lived in Quebec from Jan to Jul and in BC from Aug to Dec 31. Do I have to make a tax return for Quebec too?


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